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Our job is to equip hospitals and medicals professionals with precision engineered instruments.

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All our medical devices are eco-friendly with particular focus on sustaining the nature.
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Our company is based in Belgium but delivers throughout the world.
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Our certified company offers consistent and impeccable results.
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Wherever you are, we deliver to all corners of the world.
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Precision Engineered

HASA OPTIX is a Belgium based young and dynamic company that sources and develops medical devices used in ophthalmology. We offer high quality single-use devices with specific care about the planet resources. To safeguard the future of our planet the company focuses on sustainability by delivering recyclable single-use instruments. Our job is to equip hospitals and medical professionals with precision-engineered instruments, facilitating their work and contributing to the patient’s well-being. No matter where in the world you are based, our representative is close by. We deliver to all corners of the world.

Reliable, ergonomic
and sustainable.

HASA OPTIX takes its responsibility towards nature and its affiliates seriously by developing sustainable solutions. Surgeons know what they need: reliable, ergonomic and sustainable surgical instruments that best match their needs.

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Everything is linked with the specification of the steel. Single use instruments are made from a different specification of surgical grade stainless steel . This means that the metal is slightly softer and only during their first use they perform equally as well as a reusable instrument.

Discover our product catalog and create your own procedure pack,
according to your needs.

HASA OPTIX gives you the opportunity to compose your own customized instrument packs. The content can be fully customized to your needs or to your client needs.

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