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How are the instruments sterilised?

Single use instruments can be sterilised in several different ways. The three main ways are ETO gas sterilisation, steam sterilisation and radiation sterilisation.

HASA Optix uses radiation sterilisation for single use instruments and ETO gas sterilisation for the other instruments.


Radiation sterilisation uses ionising radiation to sterilise medical instruments. This is practised, using either gamma rays from a radioactive isotope or a machine generated electron beam. The radiation oxidises any biological matter it comes into contact with, destroying its DNA, thereby sterilising the instruments.


Radiation sterilisation is proven to be the most effective sterilisation method. With the other main ways, like for example the steam sterilisation, some bacteria may still survive, if those bacteria are very resistant to heat. Since HASA Optix puts focus on best quality, the instruments are sterilized with the most effective way.

Why is such a quality instrument not reusable?

Everything is linked with the specification of the steel. Single use instruments are made from a different specification of surgical grade stainless steel to reusable ones. This means that the metal is slightly softer and only during their first use they perform equally as well as a reusable instrument.

Each single use instrument is marked with the internationally recognised sign for ?Single Use? in accordance with the European standard BS EN930:2003. Anything that has this mark on it is a single use item intended for disposal after one patient use.

How should the disposal of those instruments be done?

The disposal of single use instruments can be done in the specific yellow clinical waste bags in accordance with the agreement you have with your waste disposal supplier. Any scissors or sharp single use items should be disposed of into a sharps bin as per Department of Health regulations.

How do I know it is good quality?

In order to be a supplier of single use instruments, you need to obtain specific certifications. Every single use instrument from HASA Optix will be CE marked in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive and will be supported by relevant ISO certification in accordance with MHRA regulations.

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Surgeons and clinics need instruments that they can trust. All the proposed products will sit comfortably in the hands, eliminate fatigue in order to focus on what surgeons do best. We believe in safer, cost effective, performant and convenient instruments.